Welcome to Ron’s Truck Repair—a full service semi-truck repair shop in Joplin, Missouri. We aim to provide you with the most complete and punctual heavy truck service in so that you can get back on the road again. No matter the issue with your truck, we guarantee that we can fix it.

Our shop has almost every tool you could possibly need for any heavy truck repair and we even carry a large parts selection in shop. If we do not have the necessary parts for your truck, we order out and have them promptly delivered. We showcase 3 full service bays sized to fit an entire semi-cab.

Keep in mind that, at Ron’s, we keep you covered financially with a $2 million liability policy. So, in the unlikely case of in-house damage, you are never the one at a loss. Due to liability issues, we no longer offer pickup or drop off services.

We want to fix your truck! If you are a semi-truck driver in Joplin with truck problems, stop into Ron’s Truck Repair, LLC for excellent, honest repair work. Give us a call or stop in today!


phone: 417-623-7808
fax: 417-623-4087
toll free: 877-623-7808
email: diana@ronstruckrepair.com